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Talking Machine

This page is Talking Machine's main site hub.

Talking Machine is the brain child of Di Holub and Chris Holub (Tin Monk).

Most Recent Post: Tuesday October 16th, 2018
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SOLO: Tin Monk
DUO: Tin Monk and Dianne Holzhammer-Holub
POWER DUO: Tin Monk and Sam Allen
TRIO: Tin Monk, Dianne, Sam

We also managed to post a number of live vids recorded October 17th at The Monk House. Check it out:


Week of October 15th to October 21st


Cosimos (DUO)
Thursday October 18th, 2018 7PM
620 Route 211 E Middletown, NY

Bronx Zoo Brew at the Zoo (DUO)
Friday October 19th 6:00PM

Bronx Zoo Boo at the Zoo Bootoberfest (DUO)
Saturday October 20th (AFTERNOON) 12:00PM
2300 Southern Boulevard (Astor Court) Bronx, NY

Pickled Owl (DUO)
Sunday October 20th, 2018 (EVENING) 7PM
218 Main St. Hurleyville, NY

Bronx Zoo Boo at the Zoo Bootoberfest (DUO)
Sunday October 21st 12:00PM
2300 Southern Boulevard (Astor Court) Bronx, NY



The Gaslight: The DUO started early, and managed to trap the patrons while dining. What started as subtle eyerolls and muttering, ended with applause, smiles, and compliments. A marvelous night for all.

AJ Cafe: Been some time since the DUO made their way to this fine establishment, but after an exceptional meal on the house, the bar filled up and we proceeded to have a marvelous night. For all.

Bronx Zoo Boo at the Zoo: It's the Zoo. The DUO plays two shows. The People listens. The Sea Lions listen. The LORD is pleased. Twas a couple of overcast rainy days, but a marvelous time....well, you know.


5 Gig(s) this week/end:

5 Talking Machine/Tin Monk:

FIRST UP on Friday October 18th the DUO make a triumphant return to Cosimos in Middletown, N.Y. Been a couple of months since our last show, but like true love, though we part, no matter how vast the moments betwixt, when again we return, there is no time. Probably. Show starts at 7PM. HERE'S THE FACEBOOK EVENT

NEXT UP Saturday October 19th the DUO returns to Bronx Zoo for Brew at the Zoo (DUO) in The Bronx, NY. BRONX!!! Unfortunately, You will need TICKETS FOR THE BREWFEST.. Fortunately, we get to be a featured attraction for the VIPs. But, of course! We'll be thinking of you, however. Probably. Unless you go. Then we won't. HERE'S THE FACEBOOK EVENT.

NEXT UP Saturday (EVENING) October 20th the DUO returns to The Pickled Owl in Hurleyville, NY after a time to continue doing there what we do everywhere: Drink Coffee, Entertain the Patrons, and Be Awesome. And some other stuff, probably. We love it there. You will too. Show starts at 7PM. HERE'S THE FACEBOOK EVENT

LAST UP on Saturday October 20th (AFTERNOON), and Sunday 21st the DUO returns to at Bronx Zoo Boo at the Zoo in Bronx, NY. This event spans the last weekend in September to the last weekend in October with a variety of entertainment, food, and animal events. We will be the featured musical entertaiment for all 11 dates. We'll be performing on a small stage located in the beer garden of Astor Court cleverly referred to as "Bootoberfest". Our first four outings we a smash hit. The Sea Lions love us. You will, too. You will need TICKETS TO ENTER ZOO. The Performance is Gratis. Festival and Our Show Starts 12:00PM. HERE'S THE FACEBOOK EVENT.

Work has officially begun on Talking Machine album #2. We are in pre-production. The album will be called THE WIDOW JONES. We'll keep you posted.

I mentioned this a few times already, and it bears repeating, if you're interested in booking Talking Machine (DUO, TRIO, QUARTET) or Tin Monk (SOLO) go here, here, or email us at talkingmachine (at) imperfeckt (dot) com.

Don't forget: The Hammer and the Dove, available on iTunes, AmazonMP3, and Spotify. And now EVERYWHERE!!

As always, thank you. Please enjoy.





talking machine on facebook
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talking machine on facebook
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Posted by: Tin Monk
Tuesday October 16th, 2018; 2:32PM